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Congratulations! You've decided to buy a puppy! Before you jump have you researched your breed? Talked to breeders? You have lots of question and we hope we can help you! If you still have questions please contact us!!!

Where NOT To Get Your Puppy

We can't stress enough to those looking for a puppy to STAY OUT OF PET SHOPS! Regardless of what they tell you, these puppies are not raised in loving homes or from TOP Breeders. If you had a litter of puppies that you were careful and concerned about, would you trust someone else to find them perfect homes? To read more on Puppy Mills, please check out this page. Some of the pictures may be graphic but know, this is truly where those puppies are coming from Anyone who buys from Pet Shops are increasing the demand from Puppy Mills. The abuse will continue! Simply stop buying and you stop puppy mills.

Where To Get Your Puppy

The very best advice we could give you before buying a puppy is to go to a dog show. Here, you can talk to the breeders, check characteristics and see if that breed is a good choice for you, your family and your lifestyle. So many of us love a certain breed, but that breed may not be the best choice. Some breeds have high energy levels, some are couch potatoes, some are more protective and need an experienced handler, while others are easy keepers and easier to train. Take all this into consideration and do your research BEFORE deciding. The library is a good place to also check dog breeds, their instincts, temperaments, health issues and the original purpose of the breed. To see and read more on Dog Breeds online please visit AKC's website on Breeds at:

Other Links to Help You In Your Search

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