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South Side All Breed Dog Training Club, Inc. was organized in the autumn of 1942 by James McKeag. The first training quarters was held in an ice house at 66th & Ashland Avenue in Chicago.

By the spring of 1943 the club had grown and it was obvious that the ice house was no longer large enough to give the proper kind of training to the members. It was at this time that the superintendent of Tuley Park offered our young club the facilities of their field house for the training program – and the club moved to Tuley Park at 90th & King Drive. In July of 1958 we made another move to our present location in the Calumet Park Field house .

The first South Side Licensed Obedience Trial was held on Sunday, November 18, 1945 with an entry of 86 dogs – and since that time until the present our club has conducted Annual Trials. We are the only All-Breed Chicagoland Club that may hold an AKC Licensed Trial within the city of Chicago. In 1979 we had an entry of over 500 dogs and to the best of our knowledge we retain that record for the largest Obedience Trial in the country.

Over the past 65 years our club has expanded not only its’ membership but our activities as well. We conduct weekly training sessions for Puppy Kindergarten, Beginners and Novice Classes.

Through the hard work and devotion of our members we have earned many Obedience Titles with our furry companions and made many lasting friendships.

Our Officers

President:                                   Rosemary Hurley

Vice President:                           Claudia Paolone

Treasurer:                                   Carolyn McGuire

Secretary:                                   Trudy Craig

Director of Training:                    Trudy Craig

Our Mission 


Our Mission is to develop a more widespread interest in and appreciation of the virtues of dogs.

To encourage the training of dogs and to put to use their natural capacity to learn to the end that they shall be obedient and companionable.

To provide instruction and assistance to dog owners in the training of their dogs

and facilities for such training.

To cooperate with the American Kennel Club and other similar organizations in the accomplishments of the foregoing purpose

to sponsor and hold competitive trials in obedience and to make awards on the basis of merit and accomplishment as shown in such trials.

To encourage and promote social relations among dog fanciers.

Training Site

Francis Field

801 E. Francis Rd.

New Lenox, IL

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