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Mondays & Tuesdays

Why train your dog? Here are a couple of reasons:

Dog misbehaving? If you had to sit in a house, unable to do anything but lay around, what would YOU do? Become so bored you might chew a couch?

  • Behavior problems are the number one reason why so many dogs are in our crowded shelters today!! Approximately 8-12 million companion animals enter a shelter nation wide and approximately 5-9 million are euthanized each year. Which can be solved with proper training and patience.
  • It is essential for a dog's mental development to start training in a positive manner.
  • It's good exercise! Number 1 reason dogs developed 'bad behavior' is lack of exercise.
  • It keeps a great bond between you (your family) and your dog for a lasting family friend.
  • Your dog will be well mannered.
  • Bragging rights.. You can show off in front of your family and friends!
  • The possibility to show your dogs in AKC shows and receive titles.

It's not all training...

We are an active community group and enjoy taking our dogs out to meet the public and encourage them to do the same.

2009, Whiting, IN

2010, Whiting, IN

2011, Chicago, IL

Training Site

Francis Field

801 E. Francis Rd.

New Lenox, IL

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